Leadership Team


Tony McCarty
(800) 535-3161  EXT. 1600
(516) 799-8828  FAX

Tony has been in the compressed air business for over 40 years, and has worked for several top tier compressed air service companies and specialized compressed air system packagers, including Atlas Copco, Leroi, CompAir and AeroVac. He also served as the United States Operations Manager for Amico Inc., an international medical gas pipeline and source systems manufacturer when he joined the owner’s circle at CDS.

Now, Tony is the Chief Operating Officer at Clinical Delivery Systems, Inc. Under his guidance, CDS has expanded compressed air operations into industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical, and laboratory applications. Building upon CDS’s already well known expertise in the medical gas systems arena, Tony created the Environmental Services division, performing air exchange testing and fugitive anesthesia gas testing for hospitals in and around the greater NYC area.

It is Tony’s focus to position CDS as not only the most highly regarded compressed air service company in the NY area, but also the most comprehensive of medical gas systems service and testing companies as well.