Leadership Team

Chris Green

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As a lifelong mechanical service technician, Chris became aware that there was no single company that adequately and competently addressed the issues of both the piped medical gas delivery systems and the medical gas, vacuum and compressed air source supply systems. Chris’s brother Peter agreed with his assessment and Clinical Delivery Systems, Inc. (CDS) was born.

Chris immersed himself in the study of the installation and application of medical gas systems, acquiring both an ASSE6030 Medical Gas Verifiers Credential and MGPHO CMGV Certification.

Chris has always insisted upon knowing the equipment that he recommends and sells from a hands on perspective. To that end, he and all of the CDS team have attended numerous factory service schools thereby winning authorized warranty service agency status for all of the brands that CDS represents.

“You can’t assist your customer in making an informed decision about a piece of equipment if you don’t have an inside-out knowledge of the equipment yourself”

From day one, Chris set the bar for 24 hour service high. While almost all service contracts require an under 4 hour response time to emergency service calls, CDS maintains an under 2 hour response time, regardless of weather or holiday, 365 days of the year. No matter where he is, Chris receives notification of every emergency call for service and follows up on the response, personally.

“If the reason for the call is considered an emergency by the customer, it is responded to as an emergency by CDS. That’s how Peter and I did it from the start, and CDS service teams continue to do it that way today”.

It is this level of personal service that Chris believes sets CDS apart from its competitors.


Peter Green

Vice President
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Peter is a founding partner of Clinical Delivery Systems Inc. and is vice-president of sales and service.

Peter is a factory trained warranty and service technician for Gardner Denver Incorporated, Hydrovane, Champion and CompAir, Amico Medical Gas Products and Chemetron Medical Gas Products.

Along with the typical administrative business duties required to run a company and sales force, you will often find Peter working in the field alongside CDS technicians doing installations and service. He often fills in on emergency calls for service as well as assists in preventive maintenance service when needed. It is the CDS philosophy that nobody is too important to get his hands dirty.

From the onset Peter knew that it would be necessary to differentiate CDS from its competitors. Even the most mundane aspects of service are handled professionally with detailed service reports that are electronically written and recorded. This includes our Preventive Maintenance, Verification, Nitrous Oxide Trace Gas Testing, Air Distributions testing and Medical Air & Medical Vacuum Catalog reports.

All too often the phrase “service is king” is spoken but not practiced. Well, at CDS we feel that if it is a priority for our customer, it is a priority for CDS.  It is this dedication to service that differentiates C.D.S. from its competitors.


Tony McCarty
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Tony has been in one end or another of the compressed air business for all of his adult life. In 1978, Tony started his career as a field mechanic with the largest Ingersoll-Rand distributor in the NYC area. Over the next eight years Tony became one of the top Ingersoll-Rand service techs in NY.

During the following 20 years, Tony worked for several top tier compressed air service companies and specialized compressed air system packagers including Atlas Copco, Leroi, CompAir and AeroVac, rising to ever higher areas of responsibility with each stop.

In 2012 Tony was serving as the United States Operations Manager for Amico Inc., an international medical gas pipeline and source systems manufacturer when Chris and Peter Green invited him to join them in the owner’s circle at CDS.

Since October 2012 Tony has been the Chief Operating Officer at Clinical Delivery Systems, Inc. Under his guidance, CDS has expanded compressed air operations into industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications. Building upon CDS’s already well known expertise in the medical gas systems arena, Tony created the Environmental Services division performing air exchange testing and fugitive anesthesia gas testing for hospitals in and around the greater NYC area.

It is Tony’s focus to position CDS as not only the most highly regarded compressed air service company in the NY area but also the most comprehensive of medical gas systems service and testing companies as well. He’s well on his way to accomplishing his goals.